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Responsible management of resources

We are the first office furniture manufacturer in Germany to supply office furniture produced exclusively to this environmental standard!

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is an international, independent organisation which sets a standard for the responsible management of forests:

Socially beneficial
Economically viable
Environmentally appropriate

Sustainable usage to maintain our forests as ecosystems. The social standards protect forest workers from exploitation and ensure their safety.

FSC®-Flyer (PDF 0,5 MB / Status: 17.09.2014)

FSC®-Certificate (PDF 0,3 MB / Status: 03.03.2014)

Service + Support (PDF 3,2 MB / Status: 15.05.2017)

Video: FSC® ORGATEC 2012

Not only the bushes in front of our head office aregreen.

We are the first German office furniture manufacturer to supply office furniture exclusively in line with the environmental standard of the FSC®. Der Forest Stewardship Council®, an independent international organisation, promotes responsible forest management: environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, economically viable.

In addition, in Neumarkt we are almost energetically self-sufficient thanks to our photovoltaic plants. Also, in Slovakia we heat, for example, our production plant with our own waste wood.

We treat resources and the environment with care because we want to and are obliged to secure our own future!