You want to plan in 2D or 3D?

Simply download our pCon Planner and get started! You can find the download under specialist retailers.

Technically we‘ve been in the lead for more than 100 years. So we plan to stayold-fashioned.

Whether product data or planning aids, we arrived in the digital age early, earlier than many others. Perhaps for the very reason that we have remained so down-to-earth in many other respects. Motivated by old-fashioned virtues in craftsmanship, like hard work, honesty and punctuality, we have been able to gain the cutting edge in this area.

Will there be anything else? CAD-planning data, wood samples, digital image data, assembly instructions, specifications or on-site assembly - always at your service.

Do you already have the pConPlanner, would you like to know what's new? Then download the history:
History (PDF 0,4 MB / Status: 04.04.2018)

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